Losing is Ours

Based on Michael Salu’s 2023 book, Red Earth, Losing is Ours is a feature-length epic poem—a meandering meditative work, thinking about modern existence, as we relate or do not relate to the material compositions of our world. Taking the point of view of a low-frequency radio wave, we travel through materials, timezones and atmospheres as a quiet observer, folding time, considering humanity across history, both recorded and forgotten.

A collaboration with Lee Tesche, from the band, Algiers. 

Written by Michael Salu
Directed by Michael Salu & Lee Tesche
Edited by Michael Salu
Score by Lee Tesche, with support from Algiers and friends.
Cinematography by Lee Tesche, Sam Campbell, Ian C & Sinan Germi & Michael Salu
Produced by Lee Tesche & Michael Salu
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